Julep "Brooke" and Sinful Colors "Island Coral" Nail Polish (Pictures)

I went and bought yet another coral nail polish.  I realize I have a problem hoarding nail polish, but lately it's been more of a specialized kind of obsession.  I keep buying the same types of colors, specifically coral, turquoise, and nude.  I'm afraid that if I pass one by, it may be "The One", and I'll be lost without it in my life.  Dramatic, I know :D

Here is Sinful Colors "Island Coral" with Julep "Brooke" on top.  I've had Brooke for a few weeks and I haven't been sure what I wanted to layer her over. I decided today was THE day to break her out.

I started with 2 layers of "Island Coral":

One layer of "Brooke", a sheer purple base with pink, crushed glass style glitter, made this really juicy looking:

Where To Buy:  Sinful colors are available at Walgreen's, Target, and Harmon Beauty and are only $1.99.  I received Brooke at a discount as part of the Julep Maven program ($19.99/month for a box full of nail stuff!  You can also earn free boxes by referring others.  You can currently used the code: COLOR2012 to get your first box for 1 penny!  My sign up link: Julep.com.


New Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polish "Multi-Faceted" over OPI "Fly" (Pictures)

I needed to try "Multi-Faceted" today,  the other Sally Hansen Diamond Strength glitter that I picked up over the weekend (here is the other one, White Veil).  This glitter is a clear base with large black and silver hex glitter, plus some small clear-ish/iridescent blue and green glitters.

I wanted a bright base, so  first did 2 layers of OPI "Fly" (Nicki Minaj Collection).  This polish is sooooo perfect.  It is that fabulous creme/jelly hybrid formula that glides on so easily.  And shiny! SO shiny!

Then I did one layer of "Multi-Faceted" on top.  Side note:  These glitters have a clear brush that I found to be very helpful with the placement of the glitter.  You do have to be very conscious of how much clear polish vs. glitter you have on your brush for each nail.  If you wiggle too much, you could smudge up the base color.  The same thing happens if you keep brushing the same area, over and over, trying to place the glitter there.  At least with this clear brush, you can see if you need to dip back into the bottle, or if you have enough.

This glitter combo didn't exactly rock my world, but I still like it.
What do you think of this combo?


OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades Nail Polish Pictures

Today I have 3 of the new OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades!

First up is "You Callin' Me A Lyre?".  This is a warm, soft, pink color with a texture that is creamy, milky,  and jelly-ish at the same time.  These polishes are meant to be sheer and 'soft' (hence the name!).  I did 3 layers of polish here:

Then I did one layer of "Pirouette My Whistle" on top.  This glitter is fabulous!  Clear base, tiny silver sparkles and those white 'satin' hexes (these are popping up everywhere, and I love it!):

Here is 3 layers of "My Pointe Exactly" (Same creamy/milky/jelly texture going on here too). I could not wait to try this one and it did not disappoint!  A sheer gray? I certainly have nothing like it, and it definitely gives a new twist to a neutral, sheer polish:

Again, here is 1 layer of "Pirouette My Whistle" on top:


I always love neutral polishes that make your nails look 'clean'.  These do the job and are quite interesting as well.  They are ultra-shiny, and dry pretty quickly (considering all the layers!). There are a few other polishes in this collection that may need to be mine after all....

What do you think of these??


New Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Polishes: Duchesse Lace, White Veil, Multi-Faceted

 Sally Hansen has a new, limited edition set of "Diamond Strength" nail polishes out right now.  I picked up 3 of them.  Of course, the nude polish, "Duchesse Lace" needed to be mine.  I also picked up 2 glitter "overcoats":

Here is "Duchesse Lace".  Dare I say this- this may be my new favorite nude.  It is almost a creme, but not completely- it has a super fine shimmer in it and it applied so easily:
(2 layers)
 It's not too yellow or pink...just perfectly balanced:

I did one layer of "White Veil" on top.  This glitter is a combo of small, round white'satin' (not shiny) white glitters mixed with larger, scattered gold hexes.  Beautiful!

Side note: "Stairway To Heaven" came on my Pandora station while I was putting this post together.  "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold and she's buying the stairway to heaven". I think it fits this glitter so well.  The small satiny pieces are ethereal and soft looking and throw in the chunks of gold= perfect! Too bad there is already a Lippmann with that name ;)

This combination is so perfect for me- nude, glitter and no color.  Shiny but not overly sparkly.  I didn't know I was looking for these polishes, but I am so glad I stumbled onto them.  <3 True love.

PS, I will post pictures of the other glitter, "Multi-Faceted" this week too!  ***UPDATE*** Here are pics of Multi-Faceted!


Sinful Colors "Bare" Nail Polish (Pictures)

Dude.  I am wearing another pink today.  It seems I cannot get enough of this color this week.  I'm not sure if this is a new color or what, but I found Sinful Colors "Bare" last night when I was at Walgreen's in a display called "Heartbreaker".

"Bare" is a somewhat mauve-y pink nude.  It looks like a creme, but there is actually a micro-shimmer in this polish that makes it look soft and shiny:

 Sinful Colors, you are wonderful ( I love that they are only $1.99).  This color is very "me" and I love it!


Pink & Silver Striped Nails

There are 2 types of nail "art" that I will do: polka dots and stripes.  That's about as far as I usually go.  I was feeling stripey today!

My base color is Julep Penelope, a creamy pink that applies so smooth and covers completely in 2 layers:

Then I took a skinny striping brush and dipped it into Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Celeb City", a sparkly silver.  I placed the brush on one end and moved my nail (not the brush) to finish out the line.  I found this to be easier.  (There will be a little cleanup necessary, but it is minimal):

Pink & gray together are one of my most favorite color combos.   I am always looking for ways to wear more than one polish at a time (the reason I do so many "layered" manicures), and I love using these 2 together like this.  What do you think?  Do you have any other color combo recommendations?


My Love Affair With OPI "Otherwise Engaged" (Nail Polish Pictures)

If you know me at all, you know one thing- I love neutral nail polish.  I own a million different types of " nude" polish and I will never stop acquiring more.  I went through a period of time, I'd say approximately from 2009-2010 that I refer to as my "polish depression".    I had so much going on, and having just had my youngest son plus working a ton, I just wasn't into it.  I still had the desire to keep my nails looking nice, but I didn't want to have to think about it AT ALL. Enter OPI's "Otherwise Engaged".  I wore this color and nothing else for a year.  A YEAR STRAIGHT!!!  I would put it on, wear it for a few days, remove it and repeat all over.  I went through several bottles of this polish.  It is pink, jelly, creme, iridescent and beautiful. It is also one of the shiniest polishes ever. Clean and shiny and 'done'.  Fast forward and I am clearly no longer in my polish depression (well documented here on my blog) but I have neglected my one (long) time love for the last year and a half.  I decided to pull her out today, since I was just running errands and needed it to be quick.

I tried to catch the subtle violet iridescent flash here, but it is very evasive.  In person, it is a smidge more apparent: (excuse my dry hands/cuticles...I didn't do my usual "rountine" before putting this on today!)

Shimmer!  Can you see me?
This may induce a major yawn-fest for some, but for me it is like putting on those comfy pajama pants that fit you just right (and don't make you look like a slob somehow).  Magical!

Do you have a polish that you depend on like this one?  


Klean Color "Chunky Holo Candy" and Wet N Wild "Tropicalia" Nail Polish Pictures

It's Spring!  Yet my nails today sort of jump right past that and into Summer.  I started my nails today with Wet N Wild Megalast (old version) polish in "Tropicalia":

Then I used Klean Color "Chunky Holo Candy" on top:

Zooming in!

Color: "Tropicalia" is a coraly, medium pink creme.  "Chunky Holo Candy" is an almost florescent coral sheer base with golden orange glitter particles that subtly flash green.

Application/Formula: "Tropicalia" was a very uncooperative polish to work with.  Thick formula and the brush was a mess (very scratchy).  As I mentioned, this is an "old" style Megalast polish (WnW recently revamped these, although I have not seen this particular color in the current line).  "Chunky Holo Candy" applied beautifully- not too thick at all, but did suffer from that infamous "Klean Color" scent (extreme chemical smell- worse than a typical polish).  

Where To Buy:  You would probably have the best luck looking for the discontinued Wet N Wild on ebay, and I also purchased this Klean Color there!