Revlon "Devil's Lure" Nail Polish With Essie Luxeffects "A Cut Above" (Pictures)

I often find inspiration for layering nail polishes based on how they sit next to each other in my "polish drawers".  I have most of them organized and stacked away by brand, but then there is that tray of colors that I have not put away and/or have not tried yet.  I saw these 2 sitting in my drawer next to each otherr, and knew they would be perfect together!

Revlon "Devil's Lure": This is a polish that came out in the fall.  A rich, deep burgandy creme.  I used 3 layers here, and took 1,000 pictures:

Essie "A Cut Above": rose toned pieces of glitter. I love that this is only 1 layer, and you get the perfect amount of glitter- no "fishing" or "placing" it required:

So this is what I have on my nails today!  I like how the vampy 'Devil's Lure' is brightened up a bit with 'A Cut Above'.  What do you think of this combo?


  1. I've said it before, YOU are the layering queen *bows head*! Love this combo, and you know that I'm not really into glitter. By the way, this Revlon looks very close to Chanel's Vamp/Rouge Noir, wouldn't you say?

  2. Aw, thanks Eugenia ;-) I did wonder if this Revlon was close to the Chanel! Of course I had to go over and look at your beautiful swatches of it again to compare :)

  3. These look really good together, and your nails are lovely!

    I am glad at the last min i decided to put this essie in my TD order. Devils lure looks almost like a jelly in your pics.

  4. This is so pretty! This is the first mani I've seen that might've convinced me to buy one of the Essie Luxeffects.

    1. I felt the same way (like I didn't need any of them) I only picked up this one and Pure Pearlfection and love them both!

  5. They are fabulous together! My favorite layering combo I've seen with A Cut Above! You've convinced me to get A Cut Above now!