Fall Polish Forecast: My Favorites For This Season

Here are my top picks for nail polish colors for the Fall!  I have so many of these still waiting for me to swatch them, so look out for those posts soon.

When I think of Fall, I immediately think of falling leaves, pumpkins, comfy sweaters, warm mugs of coffee, and the smell of cinnamon.  I also think back to around this time last year, when we set out on our 4 day cross country trip from Boston, MA to Portland, OR for our big move.  It was an amazing experience to see the different parts of this beautiful country and enjoy the onset of Fall throughout the different states we passed through.  We left in the middle of October and the air was just starting to get the tiniest bit brisk.  I love that 'clean' feeling when the air changes!  (Look for some of the pictures from my trip at the end of the post!).  First, let's talk about Fall polish; I've broken them down into categories:

The Brights
Fall isn't only about neutrals!  You need a few punches of color thrown in for good measure.  I picked Julep Stella and OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster because they remind me of autumn foliage.  Julep Miranda reminds me of the sky on a clear Fall day:

The Glitters

Orly Fowl Play is like a night sky with stars that are on fire!  CND's new 24K Glitter Effect is a warm golden flake glitter, perfect for jazzing up any ol' plain creme.  Zoya Yara is a beautiful green with an unexpected golden glitter:

The Darks

Both CND's Midnight Sapphire & Dark Amethyst are perfect shades for when you are in a dark, vampy mood.  Julep Olivia is the perfect way to go dark without it being pitch black; this warm, brownie batter color is rich & yummy:

The Muted Neutrals

Everyone needs a few good neutrals in their arsenal!  These are my "work appropriate" picks that won't leave you bored to tears.  Essie "Very Structured" & "Power Clutch" (reviewed here) are the very definition of "updated neutrals".  They are colors we know, but don't always see in polish-land.  Very Structured reminds me of a warm leather jacket, while Power Clutch (of course!) reminds me of a fab new fall purse.  Case Study is simply the perfect camel, while Zoya Jana is a dusty grey-lavender that is purely feminine without being sickly sweet:

Here are some pictures from our trip!  These bring back so many great memories.  If you EVER get the chance to travel the country this way- TAKE IT!  It will fill you with a lifetime of memories!

 The first view I caught of Mt. Hood while driving stunned me...what a beautiful place!

What does Fall bring to mind for you?  Do you already have your favorite Fall polishes lined up?  There are so many great colors out this time of year!


  1. those deep dark CND polishes remind me of a couple of GOSH polishes i picked up last week. dark deep blue/teals and deep purple cremes are definitely on top of my fall list, along with orly's rock solid, which i just love too much to not wear all the time!

  2. Thanks so much or this post! You could have also swatched them on a nail wheel! Next, do you think you could do a french manicure withOlivia and Jana on the tip? That would be very cool!

  3. I'm bad with trends and such, so I just wear the same colors all year, haha. I love all the colors you picked; you're great with color!

    And wow, it's already almost been a year!? Your pictures are gorgeous. Next time you should take a trip from to north to south (and come see me!). :)

  4. Oh wow 24K and Fowl Play look amazing! Lovely pictures :)

  5. Rae, I need to check out Rock Solid for sure!!

    iLadybird, I am working on a french manicure for Friday that is along that idea- look for it ;)

    Jessi, I am not good with trends, but certain colors definitely put me in a Fall-ish mood :) Um, a southern trip is on my "Must DO" list and you KNOW I will be stopping in Texas! It would be so fun to see you!

    Lillian, I just put on 24K and I am in love! I will post it tomorrow :)

  6. Oh WOW! Thank you so much for sharing those amazing memories of your cross-country trek! They should be postcards, they're that good! And Mt. Hood is simply awesome! I guess I should also mention that I think your choices are fabulous...lol!! Love them!

  7. Eugenia, thanks! I have hundreds from the trip, but these were my favorites :) The funny thing is, our boys were using their Nintendo DS to play video games the entire trip. We had just got it for them (specifically for the trip) and had no idea how it worked. It has a camera in it and they took over 3,000 pictures on the trip! It was so funny to see it through their "eyes". They even took a picture of the guy that changed our flat tire in Chicago! Hahahah We always crack up talking about it :)

  8. wow your pictures of your trip are amazing! like desktop screensavers! lol

  9. Great nail-polish picks - I like how you chose a few for each category. And the photos from your trip look like beautiful postcards! Thanks for sharing! :D

  10. Love your picks!! I just bought the Zoya Yara. :-)
    We are so excited about fall. We love football and pumpkins and Oktoberfests!!
    Your pics are so pretty. I want to travel more out west.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings