Essie Resort Collection 'Lion Around' plus OPI Silver Shatter Swatches, Pictures, and Review!

Manicure of the day!  I picked up a set of Essie's new "Resort Collection" and decided to try 'Lion Around' first.  This is an OK color, but I found the application to be an absolute nightmare.  It was streaky and tended to not flow nicely, particularly around the cuticle area.  Major clean up was needed after, which is a P.I.T.A.

I decided to try and save this manicure by using OPI's Silver Shatter on top.  It definitely improved it, but this is not my  favorite combo:

Have you tried 'Lion Around'?  Is it just me that had a crappy time with it? I am looking forward to silver shattering some other colors, especially ones with more of a contrast to the silver.

Hope you are enjoying your day!

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Manicure of the Day: Zoya "Kelly" with OPI Katy Perry "Last Friday Night", pictures, swatches, and review

Continuing with the glitter kick I've been on lately, here is a combo I did today.

First up is Zoya Kelly, a rich, blueish, purplish gray creme.  I love this color and it applies so smoooothly:

Isn't she a beaut?  Next, to jazz it up, I applied one coat of OPI's "Last Friday Night" glitter from the Katy Perry collection that came out a few months back.  What emerged was an unbelievably amazing (I hate that word, it conjures up visions of me trying to watch "The Bachelor" but being so distracted by the overuse of the word "amazing".  Seriously, if you made a drinking game out of it, and drank each time it was said, you'd be drunk 1/2 hr in.  Everyone has an amazing time and thinks everyone is amazing!  But back to the polish review...) combo. The glitter is comprised of light gold, silver, blue and teal bits.  I am in love with this:

Check out that sparkle!


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OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam Duo: Grape...Set...Match and Servin up Sparkle Review

Whoa, this is one cool duo!  I bought it thinking I'd get a nice purple and a cool glitter. I saw some swatches and thought they were worth a try.  These 2 colors are so pretty and you cannot truly appreciate them until you have them on your own nails and watch the shimmer and glitter dance around as you move your fingers!

First I will show you "Grape...Set...Match" by itself. This is a shimmery purple with very obvious pink and blue glitter mixed in.  It is difficult to capture  the pink and blue in pictures, as they both kinda meld together and look....purple.  Trust me, you need to see this in person:

I think the closest thing I have to this is Wet N Wild "Sea Witch":
Sea Witch is darker and less glittery, but they are slightly similar.  I prefer Grape...Set...Match for its amazing glittery side!

And here is "Servin Up Sparkle" on top.  This glitter top coat has micro glitter and chunkier holographic glitter pieces too:

 Reminds me of sugar, sprinkled on top:

Seriously...here is a blurred shot- LOOK at that!

I really didn't expect to love this as much as I do.  This is a fab duo, and both colors work alone too.  Can't wait to try "Servin up Sparkle" on a black polish!

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Mini Polish Spree: Essie and OPI

I went on a mini polish spree today!  Here is what you can look forward to seeing this week in my neck of the woods:

1) I finally got my hands on some silver shatter....FINALLY.  Jeez.  I was really starting to hate silver shatter, simply because of it's elusiveness.   Damn you silver!
2) I also picked up one of the new "Glam Slam" duos.  This one has "Serving up Sparkle" and "Grape Set Match".  Whoop whoop!
3) A full size bottle of "Teenage Dream" since up until now, I've only owned one tiny mini ....GASP.
and lastly but not leastly,
4) a mini set of Essies (The "Resort" collection).  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about these, and until now did  not realize that Essie did minis...I totally can't wait to test drive these and see which, if any, I need full sizes of!

Look for pics and swatches soon!

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Essie Demure Vixen Pics, Swatches, and Review

Happy Sunday!  Here is my manicure of the day: Essie Demure Vixen!  When I saw my dear pal Jessi review this earlier this week, I stopped what I was doing and immediately ordered it.  It reminded me of a long lost nail polish love of mine, OPI's Mojave Mystic Mauve, an ancient shade from their "Painted Desert" collection that came out around 1998.  It held a special place in my heart because that was the year I went to school to become a nail tech!  I was 18, and I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I made the decision to go and paid for it myself (something I was very proud of).  Until then, I always loved nails....it was something I always noticed about other women- what colors they wore, how the shaped their nails, whether or not they wore their nails "au natural" or favored acrylics.  The one thing I never paid attention to was nail polish brands.  I was trained at school with all OPI products and my school sold all OPI polishes- my nail polish world was changed forever.  So, the current collection at that time was "Painted Desert" which has such amazing shades in it.  Sedona Seduction, Sahara Sapphire (re-released a a year or 2 ago by OPI for a special 20th anniversary collection!), Peel Me A Gobi Grape, and Nomad's Dream to name a few.  But Mojave Mystic Mauve was one of my favs....and one of the few I actually used up and bought another one of!  Besides opting to pay upwards of $40 on an old, crusty bottle of my love, I thought I would never have it again.  Essie's Demure Vixen reminds me of it (or at least how I remembered it).  Dusty mauve with a purple iridescent flash to it!
Sorry for the rambles ;-)  Here are my pics:  (definitely google "Mojave Mystic Mauve" to see the similarities)

Close up of the shimmeryness:

 I love this color....it is a nice neutral and I love Essie's formula.  I used 3 coats for these pictures.
What do you think of this shade?  Would you pay $40 for a 13 year old bottle of nail polish?



OPI Princesses Rule! Pictures and Review

Here was my manicure of the day today.  "Princesses Rule!" (love that it has an "!" in the name)  has been a favorite of mine for awhile.  It was part of the "Princess Charming" collection that came out a few years back.  A sheer, glittery, glass fleck pink, this color can be worn on its own, layered over a dark color, or even a french manicure if you please.

Here are 3 coats in these pictures:

EXTREME close up!!!!!  : D

This is another one of my "go to" neutrals.  I love it because it is technically neutral, but fun and sparkly.

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Nubar Raspberry Truffle Manicure, Swatches/Pictures and Review

I was in a dark mood today!  I ordered Nubar's "Raspberry Truffle" awhile back but had yet to try it out.  I stashed it away thinking I would make good use of it when fall rolled around.  After doing tons of neons, glitters, brights, and nudes lately, this color is exactly what I needed to change it up!

Raspberry Truffle is a deep chocolate brown with a pinkish shimmer running throughout.  It is an unbelievably pretty color!

 I love the glowy-ness this color radiates.  Nubar's polishes always have the best consistency and application.  Their bottles are shaped nice too and that is a plus =)



OPI Nice Stems Collection: Pictures, Swatches and Review

After much anticipation (and stalking of my local beauty supply), I finally got my grubby hands on the new OPI summer collection, "Nice Stems".  This collection features 4 polishes, all named for flowers.  2 medium pinks, 1 light pink, and 1 pink glitter top coat.  Sound boring or like pink overload?  Hardly!

Warning: Super pic heavy post ahead! I loved each color so much, I had to go into great detail photo-wise ;-)

First up is "Come To Poppy", a coral-y medium pink with fine shimmer running throughout.  Such an awesome color for summer!

  And here is a quick shot with a layer of the glitter topcoat over it....so pretty:

Next up, "Be a Dahlia Won't You?"....a shimmery, glittery, semi-sheer hot pink with a blueish tone to it.  I used 2 coats in these photos, but looking now I probably would do 3 next time for a more full coverage look:

  And with "I Lily Love You" on top:

I saved my fav for last: Play The Peonies.  This is a soft, shimmery, whitish pink.  When I read my friend Eugenia's description (Ommorphia Beauty Bar) and saw her pics, I knew I NEEDED it.  She likened it to a pink version of my favorite shade of light blue from OPI's recent Texas Collection, "I Vant To Be Alone Star", and it really is just that!  LOVE this:

Basically, magic happens when you put "I Lily Love You" over "Play The Peonies".  The sheer pink jelly base hue in this glitter polish changes the white cast of 'Peonies' to make it look simply amazing.  

 **be sure to click on these to see the glitter up close and personal!**
  Sighhhhh.....it reminds me of some sort of Barbie accessory I had as a little girl.

I didn't get a pic of  "I Lily Love You" by its lonesome.  Here is a close up shot of the bottle though:
The glitter in this sucker is different than any other OPI glitter I've owned in the past.  It has different sizes and shapes and chunks and teeny bits of glitter and foil-type pieces, all mashed in there.  Way cool and way different.

I am adding this collection to my "Psyched" category.  It is simply awesome!  Each and every polish applied perfectly, and I would buy them all again in a second!  Give them a try for sure <3